Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Capture - Hopeful

This week’s You Capture theme at i should be folding laundry is “Hopeful”.  I’m hopeful for so many things right now…2 weeks from today I’ll be having our third baby, so I’m hopeful for a safe delivery and healthy babe (didn’t get around to any belly pictures this week though, darn it!)  Here are some other “Hopeful” subjects for me:

Brothers…I hope they’ll always love each other this much…

003_edited-1 …and that the oldest will always be patient enough to listen to his little brother…009 This shot is pretty boring, but a couple days ago this was solid white, so the mud makes me hopeful for spring…012The oldest gets to play outside again…something I’ve really been hoping for!014  Meanwhile the youngest, who’s had the croup all week, is hopeful he’ll get to go outside soon too…(don’t mind the dirty window…the cats won’t leave it alone!)016 Here’s our dog, Joe, hopeful for some attention…(he got it a few minutes later when my son pretended his ears were wings and flapped them up and down…Joe’s a really good dog!)018 The cats, hopeful the oldest will feed them when I’m not looking…021…and this one hopeful the youngest will let her in (sorry kitty!)023  Another one of Joe…no snow in sight and the fact that he is laying outside instead of in his beloved insulated doghouse makes me hopeful for spring too!026 And finally, we got new gravel on our driveway today, so I’m hopeful my van will stay a little cleaner now!  The oldest decided he’d start spreading it around before Daddy came home ;-)024

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  1. You have some great hopeful shots this week! What a sweet family (kids and pets included). I love the one of your youngest son and the kitty outside.

  2. Those first two pics are so incredibly precious!

    I'm sending you gentle labor vibes...we are waiting our third, due in ten weeks!

  3. Wonderful shots!
    Seems like every where I look, I see pregnant women, hope this isn't a message or anything.
    Wishing you an easy and quick delivery once the little one decides it's time to make his appearance!

  4. I always love your pictures. Your little farmer boys are SO cute. What sweeties!

  5. Great pics! The brothers are super-cute together. The pic of your oldest all dressed for outside is priceless. I enjoyed your hopeful images.

  6. Your older son has the REAL farm boots. I recognize those from my husband. Your sons are so sweet together. What a great friendship they have brewing. Love the shots of the cats. They look hopeful. Are they outside kitties? We have one, and she sits at the door and looks likes she's begging to come in, but she won't. She just wants me to come outside and pet her. With the torrential downpours we've received in the last several days, that's not real likely to happen.

  7. Awesome Photos!! Good Luck tomorrow, I'll be saying prayers for you!! You must post photos and let us know all is well asap!