Friday, December 4, 2009

You Capture – My Happy Story

The theme this week at I Should Be Folding Laundry is “Your happy story” – whatever makes you happy.  So much makes me happy, especially this time of year – I’m happy that my house smells like a pine tree and that I’m listening to Christmas music as I type this – that it would be impossible to show pics of it all.  Soooo, here are some pics of what makes me happiest – my wonderful little family (which includes the hubby, but he’s not in these), shown during our Christmas card photo shoot I did this week.

These 2 little boys make me happy every day…004_edited-2 This one made me happy first…002_edited-1029_edited-1 Then came this one…142_edited-1And I’m happy that he will also be a BIG brother next spring…045_edited-1 copy Little cute Wrangler tooshies make me happy…042_edited-1041_edited-1 Horses dressed as reindeer for Christmas card shoots make me happy (even if it didn’t make her happy!)…022_edited-1I’m happy that my boys are such, well, BOYS…Me:  “Stop spitting!”108_edited-1Him:  “I just need to spit on the ground!”109_edited-1Then, of course… the other one starts…110_edited-1And he’s a screamer too!….119_edited-1 Finally, it makes me happy that, after so many pictures turned out like these…122_edited-1123_edited-1 …and my oldest was tired of pictures…168_edited-1…okay Mom, one more…170_edited-1 copy…we finally got a couple of decent ones for the Christmas card :-)132_edited-1099_edited-1

  HAPPY trails everybody!  Be sure to head over to I Should Be Folding Laundry to see what makes others happy :-)



  1. Amazing pictures and such adorable little cowboys! You have a very patient, sweet horse.

  2. Love the pics! Your boys are so adorable! You're doing a great job! The horse seems quite well behaved too, is she one of yours?

  3. Those pictures are awesome. Do they love to ride? Those reindeer antlers are too precious. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have three boys myself, so I loved these pictures. You have a couple of cuties there. :)

  5. Wow. Your cowboys and horse are adorable. LOVE how the little one just sits up there, not looking nervous at all. I'm liking the Christmas theme on your blog as well.


  6. What great shots! Love the horse dressed as a reindeer!