Tuesday, December 29, 2009

“Hilarious Outtakes”

It’s “Hilarious Outtakes” week at i♥faces and we’re allowed to enter up to 5 photos this time.  Here are a few of mine:

This one’s my oldest son at the end of one of our photo shoots…he was done with pictures!

172 - Copy

This is from that same shoot, for our Christmas cards…the youngest is doing one of his screams “just because” and the oldest is making one of his typical faces…

123_edited-1 - Copy

Next we have my oldest talking to himself in the bathroom mirror, unaware Mom is taking pictures… 

1154 - Copy

This one’s from our trip to Chicago…I was TRYING to get a nice shot of my hubby and son at Navy Pier…

707 - Copy 

Finally we have a shot from a family photo shoot I did for a friend…the little boy wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to smile, so we had his dad start throwing leaves at them, and the baby girl was shoveling leaves in her mouth as fast as she could…I’m not sure how many she ate that day!

332_edited-1 - Copy

Be sure to visit i♥faces for some very funny photos.  Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. I guess the leaves actually tasted good, huh. The face in the first one is priceless. Great shots!

  2. I love the last one with the baby eating the leaves! Cute!

  3. Too cute! I can't believe that little girl was eating the leaves... kids!

  4. 【ツ】The first shot made me LOL【ツ】
    Great Entries!!

  5. I like the bathroom mirror one.

  6. Haha These are hilarious. I didn't see these last week! I like the one of him singing in the bathroom mirror, I used to do that when I was a little girl! I made my jenna logo in photoshop. I used a shape and changed the style to make it look raised, added text over it and made that all transparent.