Tuesday, November 17, 2009

“Autumn Beauty”

It’s “Autumn Beauty” week over at IHeartFaces.  I’m looking out my window at several inches of snow at the moment, but I did take some pictures before we had this crazy weather.  This one’s from a family photo shoot I did for a friend.  The weather was very cloudy and cold all day but finally, at sunset, the sun came out and her daughter was game for taking a few more pics.


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  1. Love the sun shining down and the beautiful colors in the background!

  2. She is a cutie for sure. And what a great setting. It just shouts fall : ) Very beautiful!

  3. I love her pose! It's just full of attitude. She's a cutie!

    Love the colours in the background, very beautiful.

  4. That background is gorgeous! pretty colors! :-)