Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Capture - Vehicles

The You Capture theme this week at i should be folding laundry is “Vehicles” so I had to participate because my sister-in-law bought this very cool car this week.  She let me drive it and I relived my younger, pre-minivan days…I’m only 28, but my van and my 3 kids make me feel pretty old sometimes! ;-)

These are all SOOC, as I shot my first wedding this past weekend and have had zero time to edit these! 199 201 204 206 212 214

I wish I had gotten some shots at night…you can change the ambient lighting in this car almost any color you want – it’s so cool! 216197

Head over to Beth's blog for more fun vehicle photos!



  1. So did you have as much of a good time driving this car as you did photographing it? I think I would have been looking for an open road!

  2. What a beauty! Great capture.

  3. Vehicles don't excite me that much, but this mustang is pretty nice! Very cool lines :)

    Hope your wedding shoot was a wonderful experience : )

  4. Snazzy ride! I like the composition of the 3rd pic.